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Prayers to
meditate on

Prayers can help to focus and ensure a peaceful state of mind during meditations. Random bahai prayers to meditate on:


O Thou kind Lord! From the horizon...

O Thou kind Lord! From the horizon of detachment Thou hast manifested souls that, even as the shining moon, shed radiance upon the realm of heart and soul, rid themselves from the attributes of the world of existence and hastened forth unto the kingdom of immortality. With a drop from the ocean of Thy loving-kindness Thou didst oft-times moisten the gardens of their hearts until they gained incomparable freshness and beauty. The holy fragrance of Thy divine unity was diffused far and wide, shedding its sweet savors over the entire world, causing the regions of the earth to be redolent with perfume.

Raise up then, O spirit of Purity, souls who, like those sanctified beings, will become free and pure, will adorn the world of being with a new raiment and a wondrous robe, will seek no one else but Thee, tread no path except the path of Thy good pleasure and will speak of naught but the mysteries of Thy Cause.

O Thou kind Lord! Grant that this youth may attain unto that which is the highest aspiration of the holy ones. Endow him with the wings of Thy strengthening grace—wings of detachment and divine aid—that he may soar thereby into the atmosphere of Thy tender mercy, be able to partake of Thy celestial bestowals, may become a sign of divine guidance and a standard of the Concourse on high. Thou art the Potent, the Powerful, the Seeing, the Hearing.


Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God!

Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God! Thou seest and knowest that I have called upon Thy servants to turn nowhere except in the direction of Thy bestowals, and have bidden them observe naught save the things Thou didst prescribe in Thy Perspicuous Book, the Book which hath been sent down according to Thine inscrutable decree and irrevocable purpose.

I can utter no word, O my God, unless I be permitted by Thee, and can move in no direction until I obtain Thy sanction. It is Thou, O my God, Who hast called me into being through the power of Thy might, and hast endued me with Thy grace to manifest Thy Cause. Wherefore I have been subjected to such adversities that my tongue hath been hindered from extolling Thee and from magnifying Thy glory.

All praise be to Thee, O my God, for the things Thou didst ordain for me through Thy decree and by the power of Thy sovereignty. I beseech Thee that thou wilt fortify both myself and them that love me in our love for Thee, and wilt keep us firm in Thy Cause. I swear by Thy might! O my God! Thy servant's shame is to be shut out as by a veil from Thee, and his glory is to know Thee. Armed with the power of Thy name nothing can ever hurt me, and with Thy love in my heart all the world's afflictions can in no wise alarm me.

Send down, therefore, O my Lord, upon me and upon my loved ones that which will protect us from the mischief of those that have repudiated Thy truth and disbelieved in Thy signs.

Thou art, verily, the All-Glorious, the Most Bountiful.

Channeling a natural process
by Sheila Applegate

As we learn to love one another, we come to realize that, in their purest forms, all religions teach the same basic spiritual truths: It is only the different ways we express them that divides us. Each system of belief has a different piece of the puzzle, and ultimately, to heal our communities and our world, we will have to fit these different pieces together and realize the essential truths that connect us all as one. In order to allow this to occur, we must open our hearts to hear beyond language and to expand in our understanding.

To me, the term "channeling" is best described with the metaphor of a television. We all know that television shows are constantly running through our airwaves whether we are tuning in or not. Once we turn the TV on, we have a choice of what channel we will tune into. Tuning into one does not stop the other broadcasts from existing; they are just simply not in our awareness at that particular time.

Similarly, when I tune into Spirit, there are various levels, or "channels", through which I experience the messages. In its simplest form, this is best described as inspiration, creativity, or intuition. I simply allow myself to open my own knowing and, in surrender, allow God’s grace to flow through me. My experience and understanding is easily expressed from this place of higher consciousness. I am fully aligned with my Spirit and focused on my intentions with an open heart. This is the level that I strive to live from in my daily life so the vibration when I am speaking from this state is very similar to me simply talking in a casual conversation. You could say I am 'in the Zone' at this level of surrender. It is my intention to live from a space where this is my natural state.

As I surrender deeper, I begin to hear and see the spiritual realm of angels and ascended masters that are here to assist us. Universal energy, vibrational information, and nonphysical beings surround us at all times. A person who channels consciously opens up to receive and translate this nonphysical information, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of our life circumstances. This is where the metaphor of the television really comes into play. There is so much more in existence than what we see and hear with our physical senses. Even in the simplest terms we know that animals hear sounds that we cannot hear. Basic science has proven energy fields exist that we are not aware of with our five senses. In this state I simply 'change the channel' to tune into the vibrations that are not commonly recognized by our lower senses. We all have the ability to see, hear or sense beyond our common senses. It simply takes intention, focus and openness to do this. The guided meditations that I offer are an effective way to open to the vibrational world of spirit. In this sense there are many energies that we can witness. Spirit Guides and loved ones who have crossed over are accessible to us through this openness. When I refer to Spirit Guides I am referring to the energies that are here to guide us on our journey. This includes the Angelic realm, though every religion has a name for them, they are beings of love who are here to guide us. The Angelic realm moves through a different evolution and therefore they have not typically lived on earth. Also in this category I include the Ascended Masters. In My understanding, Ascended Masters are beings of light who lived on earth, woke up from the illusion of separateness and Ascended into one-ness with All That Is. Drawing on their energies and teaching from within that one-ness we are able to access their guidance in the process of remembering our one-ness. When working with Beings of Light at this level of surrender I communicate with the Spirit Guides receiving both visual and audible messages. I then describe what I see and hear to others in third person, drawing my teachings from the guidance of these loving spirits.

When I begin to move to an even deeper level of surrender with the Ascended Masters that I journey closest with, I completely give myself over as a pure vessel for ascended master teachers to use in order to get their message to the world. I simply step aside and allow them to speak through me. In this case, they speak in the first person. Initially, I experienced a noticeable vibrational shift in my body as the Ascended Masters entered and spoke through me. I was still present. It was as if we were sharing the body but they were in primary control, I was in a sense overseeing the process as it was my body being used as the vessel. I was able to listen and when necessary carry on a secondary conversation with the Being while he or she was doing the teaching. Often I was learning from the teachings even as they were being spoken through me.

As I continue to expand my own understanding and expression of love on earth I increase my own vibrational level. This is done not with an intention to vibrate at a higher level as much as an inner drive to grow, to understand myself, to love unconditionally and to become the purest reflection of God on earth that I possible can be. I have faced many powerful lessons on my path of awakening. I face each lesson with love, passion, an open heart and yes sometimes resistance and struggle. My deepest Passion is to see Heaven and Earth vibrating as one. That starts with me. As I vibrate in oneness the world around me reflects that. So my choice is always to move forward in love. As a result I have come to expand my remembrance of my one-ness with God the Creator of All That Is, The Alpha and Omega. As I learn to expand my consciousness to the union of the Alpha and Omega I am enveloped by a depth of understanding that no words can fully express. Yet, as I have stated my passion is to help others reach that bliss of remembering their union with All That Is. In order to do that I draw on the vibration of the Ascended Masters who have gone before us to assist in this teaching. In this state, it no longer feels as if I am stepping aside to let others speak through me but merely expanding my consciousness to include the space in which these beings can speak within me, bringing forth the message of universal love which is the truth within all of us.

These messages that I offer are of Divine love, Unconditional Love, Universal Love. The message is beyond the language. In order for us to support and guide each other on our spiritual paths to that space of fully living in the remembrance our Union with God we must use language. I use the words that bring me clearest understanding. In Enchanted One: The Portal To Love, I use the stories of ascension that are most familiar to me. I tap into the vibrations of Love that resonate most closely to me. Whether through Isis or Magdalene or simply love itself, then, I ask that you open your heart to receive the message of Love that exists beyond language and names.

The more we share our understandings the more our language unites us rather than dividing us. What are the words you use to describe this deep connection and guidance?

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