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UFO Paranormal Radio Network
Interviews as well as informative and
entertaining conversations with hosts
Stephanie and Joe from
newsfromtheflipside.  listen 

Interviews with experts and investigators -
ufos, the paranormal, ghosts, and more.

The Paracast
Latest supernatural and paranormal
news.  listen 


Darkness Radio
Talking about channeling, what happens after

death,and paranormal news and updates.  listen 

UFO Sighting
Reports and Videos

A meteor or ufo crashing in Nova Scotia
March 2014
UFO Escorted by 2 Craft France
September 2013 
Unknown lights flying across Massachusetts August 2013
report with video
UFO sighting during a baseball game in Vancouver B.C.
report with pictures
UFOs Seen Near Earths Atmosphere In NASA ISS Photos, August 2013
UFO over St. Pete Florida
UFO over Michigan
UFO sightings soar in Manitoba, across Canada



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Space News and
Discoveries ticker

Survive on this planet and you could live to be 150,000
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Small satellites driving space industry growth: report
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SpaceX Dragon's second splashdown is a historic first
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NASA fact-checks Anonymous on alien-life claims
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SpaceX doubleheader is a home run
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SpaceX launches first satellite in doubleheader
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Hubble find shows how dead galaxies evolve
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SpaceX launches reused Dragon capsule to International Space Station
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New telescope has already found 3 rare mystery signals
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SpaceX completes first top-secret military mission
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Could this blocky GIF be our first look at aliens?
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The real cost of a trip to Mars could be brain damage
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NASA, Google show off D-Wave quantum computer for 1st time
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Google buys B.C. firm's quantum computer for NASA lab
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Another Mars mystery: What's that circular 'island' in its lava flows?
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Martian tubes could be home for 'cavenauts'
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Cave entrance on Mars
video report
The Martian Sphinx
new images 



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