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UFO Sighting
Reports and Videos

A meteor or ufo crashing in Nova Scotia
March 2014
UFO Escorted by 2 Craft France
September 2013
Unknown lights flying across Massachusetts August 2013
report with video
UFO sighting during a baseball game in Vancouver B.C.
report with pictures
UFOs Seen Near Earths Atmosphere In NASA ISS Photos, August 2013
UFO over St. Pete Florida
UFO over Michigan
UFO sightings soar in Manitoba, across Canada

Quake Watch

'The town isn't here anymore': Dozens dead after quake rocks Italy
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Huge 6.9-magnitude earthquake rocks the Pacific: Samoan capital shakes as powerful tremors strike between the island nation and Tonga
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SAMOA EARTHQUAKE: Huge 6.9 magnitude tremor strikes Ring of Fire sparking tsunami fears
read more
5.1-magnitude earthquake hits upper parts of Pakistan
read more
RING OF FIRE Pacific Rim earthquake fears as 12 tremors hit islands near tourist hotspot Bali in just one day
read more
Small earthquake recorded east of Merritt
read more
Minor earthquake detected in Howard County on Sunday
read more
Strong deep earthquake in the Sumbawa Region, Indonesia - October 30, 2017
read more
Very Strong earthquake far out off the coast of Tadine, New Caledonia - October 31, 2017
read more
Earthquake reported southwest of Henderson
read more
French Alps rocked by 140 earthquakes in just 40 days – raising avalanche fears and panic that a mega-quake could be on its way
read more
5.7 magnitude earthquake jolts Kashmir Valley
read more
Earthquake jolts northern Pakistan, Afghan mountain range
read more
Earthquake in Central Romania at magnitude 4.1
read more
RING OF FIRE: 5.2 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia near Bali’s Mount Agung volcano
read more
La Palma volcano fears: Canary Islands struck by EARTHQUAKE overnight
read more
Strong 6.7 earthquake hits East Nusa Tenggara, no tsunami warning
read more
EARTHQUAKE strikes midway between Los Angeles and San Diego
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UFO Paranormal Radio Network
Interviews as well as informative and
entertaining conversations with hosts
Stephanie and Joe from
newsfromtheflipside. listen


Interviews with experts and investigators -
ufos, the paranormal, ghosts, and more.

The Paracast
Latest supernatural and paranormal
news. listen


Darkness Radio
Talking about channeling, what happens after
death,and paranormal news and updates. listen



Space News and
Discoveries ticker

Taking a Spin on Plasma Space Tornadoes with NASA Observations
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We just sent a message to aliens who could respond by 2042
read more
Planet with Earth-like temperature discovered orbiting nearby 'quiet' star
read more
Astronomers discover strange 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' supernova
read more
'The Martian' author Andy Weir is convinced we'll colonize the moon — but says colonizing Mars doesn't make any sense
read more
NIBIRU SHOCK: Planet X researcher ‘comes under attack for exposing truth’ about myth
read more
Did aliens drop this mysterious SATELLITE on Earth?
read more
Discovery of 'monster' planet surprises astronomers
read more
Mystery space object may be first confirmed interstellar visitor
read more
Scientists want to explore asteroids with a fleet of nanoprobes
read more
Mysterious signal from deep space goes hyperactive
read more
read more
NASA fact-checks Anonymous on alien-life claims
read more
NASA, Google show off D-Wave quantum computer for 1st time
read more
Google buys B.C. firm's quantum computer for NASA lab
read more
Another Mars mystery: What's that circular 'island' in its lava flows?
read more
Martian tubes could be home for 'cavenauts'
read more
Cave entrance on Mars
video report
The Martian Sphinx
new images



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