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Happening again mass shooting
and terror attack  watch 
Unusual spring weather  watch

Meaning of the signs  (next)
Attacks evolving quickly  (next)
End of Cassini (coming up)
Protecting our computers
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More spiritual path (coming up)
When trouble started (coming up)

Quake Watch

5.7 magnitude earthquake jolts Kashmir Valley
read more

Earthquake jolts northern Pakistan, Afghan mountain range
read more
Earthquake in Central Romania at magnitude 4.1

read more
RING OF FIRE: 5.2 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia near Bali’s Mount Agung volcano
read more

La Palma volcano fears: Canary Islands struck by EARTHQUAKE overnight
read more

Strong 6.7 earthquake hits East Nusa Tenggara, no tsunami warning
read more
EARTHQUAKE strikes midway between Los Angeles and San Diego

read more
New Zealand hit by ‘big’ 5.4 magnitude earthquake, causing landslides
read more
Earthquake: Magnitude 3.1 quake strikes near Goleta
read more

3.6-magnitude earthquake rattles part of Arkansas
read more
Earthquake hits rural Clatsop County
read more
Magnitude 3.7 earthquake shakes Mid-South

read more
4.5-magnitude earthquake rattles Vancouver Island
read more

Earthquake: 3.2 quake strikes near Bryn Mawr
read more
Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off Tonga
read more
Earthquake: 3.2 quake strikes near Petrolia
read more
Powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan
read more

Strong earthquake shakes northern Japan; no tsunami risk
read more
Ready for the Big One: California struck by 28 earthquakes in 24 hours
read more

Bali earthquake: Fears of volcanic eruption on popular tourist island as 5.7-magnitude tremor strikes
read more
New Zealand rocked by another earthquake just days after a 6.1 magnitude quake struck the country
read more

Japan Earthquake: Fukushima Braces for Another Possible Tsunami After 6.1-Magnitude Shock
read more
Vanuatu earthquake: Powerful 6.4 magnitude quake hits off Pacific island chain's coast
read more

Dozens dead after magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Mexico
read more
Powerful 8.0-magnitude earthquake rumbles Mexican coast, capital city
read more

Earthquake rattles Ucluelet, Port Alberni areas
read more

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits southeastern Idaho: USGS
read more







Radio Episodes

Panel discussion with 4 real witches about witchcraft and what means to be a witch

Bobby O'Neal aka Dr Love with a prescription for more romance and understanding in your relationship

Steve Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group ufo disclosure and an end to the truth embargo  listen 

Robin Modaffare, spiritual healer/medium, talks about the I am presence.  listen 

Marion Brownlie about facing and conquering one's demons.  listen 

Hannah Hardy talks who are fairies and angels and why important for our path to ascension.  listen 

Diane Wing, tarot reader/counselor, talking about what is tarot and tarot cards.  listen 

Interview with Sheila Applegate
What is the enchanted one and the portal of love

Interview with Trilby Jeeves
Why should we play, and how play can help to build a strong team

Linda Frisch, spiritual healer, talks about the mystery and energy of crystal skulls  listen 

Valentina Lomborg psychic/remote viewer.  listen 

Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos intuitive talks about communicating with spirit guide while dreaming for your health.  listen 

more radio episodes...

TV Episodes

At This Time TV April 30, 2016  watch 

At This Time TV May 9, 2016  watch 
Remembering Expo 86

At This Time TV May 16, 2016  watch 
Future of public transportation

At This Time TV May 30, 2016  watch
Steve Bassett

At This Time TV June 6, 2016  watch 

At This Time TV June 14, 2016  watch 

At This Time TV June 20, 2016  Nigel Watson  watch 

At This Time TV June 28, 2016 Fighting back against further government spying  watch 

At This Time TV July 11, 2016 Enough is enough fighting back   watch 

At This Time TV July 18, 2016 Tipping point  watch  

At This Time TV July 25, 2016  Cancer, Health, Shannen Doherty  watch 

At This Time TV August 1, 2016 Talking about Jerry Doyle  watch

At This Time TV August 10, 2016  watch 

At This Time TV August 18, 2016  What about due process  watch 

At This Time TV August 25, 2016  Are we prepared  watch

At This Time TV August 31, 2016  Humanity v. AI  watch 

At This Time TV September 7, 2016  The Future   

more TV episodes...


...more radio episodes

Alison Baughman, numerologist, what the numbers tell you about you.  listen 

Hally Rhiannon-Nammu, spiritual healer/therapist, talks about creative healing.  listen 

Nigel Watson, ufo historian, talking about ufo sightings and alien abductions through history.  listen 

Sharon Watts, spiritual therapist, what is transurfing and why it is important for the law of attraction.  listen   

Loyd Auerbach, parapsychologist, the science of paranormal investigation, and history of remote viewing and the military.  listen 

Tracy Lee healer and psychic surgeon.  listen 

Nigel Watson talks to us about ufos during WWI.  listen 

Steve Bassett returns for an update on disclosure will it happen.  listen 

Denice Marcel talks about her father and grandfather and her own work in ufo research.  listen 

Bruce Maccabee discuss the history of ufos and the government cover up  listen 

Sonia Barrett true visionary mystic  listen 

Tom Carey ufos and government and military cover up  listen 

Garnet Schulhauser his astral travels with a spirit guide  listen

NIgel Watson talks about the various theories to help explain what may have happen to flight 370  listen 

Janet O'Carroll medium, healer, intuitive, and spiritual teacher  listen 

Leslie Kean an investigation into the mystery of death  listen 

...more TV episodes

At This Time TV September 11, 2016  Quakes North Korea 9 11  watch

At This Time TV September 20, 2016  Quakes and Mysterious Explosion  watch 

At This Time TV October 2, 2016  Indicators for what to expect  watch 

At This Time TV October 21, 2016 Jerry Doyle brand of honesty now silent  watch

At This Time TV November 22, 2016 now what   watch

At This Time TV December 2, 2016 we don't want sanctuary districts  watch

At This Time TV December 16, 2016 talking about the breaking news  watch 

At This Time TV February 7, 2017 time to stop for some fun  watch

At This Time TV Februay 20, 2017 mystery of flight 370  watch

At This Time TV March 2, 2017 does alien life exist  watch

At This Time TV March 15, 2017 UFOs stopped
visiting  watch

Episode #30 
strangest paranormal mystery  (next)

Episode #31 area 51 then and now  (next)

Episode #32 can find soul mate on social media  (next)

Episode #33 reopening the x files  (next)

Episode #34 legacy of Elon Musk  (next)

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