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October 2015

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In The News Now

Are You Choosing Fear Labels Or Love?

by Linda


It's hook up time! Now what are we hooking up to? Well our Divinity actually! These days we have many different "disorders" sprouting up like fields of daisies. Here and there we hear about ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Autism, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Bi-Polar, and Asperger Syndrome to name just a few of the whole smorgasbord of labels given to us by the medical and psychiatric systems.

We also have higher rates of Dementia and Alzheimer's too. To help slow down or relieve the symptoms we have a garden variety of pills to pop to help stop what we are experiencing. What are we experiencing, anyway? That is a good question to ask. I was asking that question years ago when I was depressed most of the time. I did not feel safe.


Today as we look about the globe we have issues to do with feeling safe and secure. Pill popping adults give young children pills to pop too. For people that don't want change addiction is the way to go. They feel secure by living with old ways of being and talk about the good old days.


It is time to be here and now.  We are not meant to be clones of each other. In the now it is important to feel our feelings and become the wondrous creative beings we were born to be. Legally popping pills long term or getting high with the illegal ones is not the answer.


Discovering where the disconnection is with our Souls is the answer. Learning to know what the message is from those feelings and emotions that are considered uncomfortable is pretty important for going forward here on out. Getting reconnected can save your life in these times of chaos and change.


I can talk about this because I have been there and done that. What I mean is that those symptoms of ADD, depression, feeling unsafe, obsessive, etc., I have experienced and I chose a different route than the pill popping and getting high path.

I learned that I was almost 100% disconnected from my authentic self. I began to have wake up experiences. Body dysfunctions and even stroke like symptoms. Someone once said to me that perhaps I was ADD so I began to investigate. I went to support groups and was appalled at the number of people that were identified with who they are as their body symptoms! They were happy to have a label given to them to tell them what was wrong with them!  They were willing to settle with taking a pill for the rest of their lives because they saw no way out of the symptom they were experiencing.

How absurd when you are truly an infinite and immortal Soul here having a human experience. The fact is in order to transform our bodies we must come more in rather than trying to get out of here! This means taking back our power.


Where does that power come from? Why our Divine Soul essence of love of course. The keys come through our intuition and feelings. It is time to trust ourselves rather than beat up someone else because we don't trust. It's time to love. Never underestimate the power of love.


About Linda


A spiritual life coach that works with a global vision specializing in soul to soul relationships manifesting on Earth.  Assist people to get "soul wired" in order to transform health and relationship challenges.  Look forward to an opportunity to speak with you more about her life's work of "Asking the Body and Engaging the Soul" to become the "New Earth".

To read previous articles, commentaries, reports, and prayers go to the library on the spiritual peace library page.

** Editor's note:  The views expressed are solely that of the author of the article.  What do you think ?  Post your comments on the forum 



Trojan Horse
Caballo de troya
by William

Is a saga of 9 books written by Juan Jose Benitez, a Spanish writer and journalist from Navarra, Spain, whom has wrote more about ufology. Trojan horse is considered as a novel that unveils many mysteries about the life of Jesus Christ. The author of the book claims to have the information from real documents that he got from a retired Mayor of the USAF, from one of many top secret special projects made by the US military. "Trojan horse" is the name of one of those operations from what the book talk about. In 1973 the USAF made this operation in Israel, from where the travel along time to the past on the 30 AD for discover many of the secrets about Jesus Christ, like what it really happened in the last dinner or in the moment after Jesus was crucified and in the moment of his resurrection among other things.

In this adventure two members of the USAF travel to the past in Palestine and meet with Jesus Christ, well trained with a mission in propose, both have to learn to speak Greek fluently and Aramaic, the old language of Palestine on those times. The names of the characters are Jason and Elise (that's how they are called during the mission). Besides the author never unveil the real names of any of these two members of the USAF. The first one Jason is the one who's normally going out of the "cradle" (How they used to call this time-travel machine) and is the one to obtain the evidence about what is happening around the Life of Jesus Christ on that time and Elise he's normally stays in the time-travel machine.


Other characters that appears in this fantastic series with who "Jason" meet are Maria (the mother of Jesus) the twelve disciples, Lazarus, John the Baptist, Pontius Pilate (Governor of the Roman province of Judaea, among others.


This series of books have translated for sale in different languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, but even when the originals documents remain in English, haven't been published yet for sale in this language and neither in USA, UK or Canada.


It might be only a science fiction book for most of people, but for many, is a really good and fascinated history about the life of Jesus Christ. Real or not It maybe in the future how we well now if this tale was or not real. One thing is for sure, there are many secrets projects or missions operated by the Government or army that we don't know yet or maybe never will know.


Out of being science-fiction or not, this book describes Jesus of Nazareth in a way different than others can describe. In a pure human way that more than fascinated is the perfection of a Human-God form that have made clear what is His mission in this planet and why everyone should follow Him. But this saga it doesn't take part of any church or try to be another religious testament, book or script made for someone who proposes is to create any kind of religion or spiritual believing. It might have some similitudes with "The Urantia Book" as many people affirm, but describing this book, it should be something of personal opinion from any person who read it. Sceptics or believers, after all the own readers will be the ones in believe it or not. "Who has ears to hear..."



About William


With interests in psychology, parapsychology, philosophy, history and music. Experience from the school of life.

To read previous articles, commentaries, reports, and prayers go to the library on the spiritual peace library page.

** Editor's note:  The views expressed are solely that of the author of the article.  What do you think ?  Post your comments on the forum 


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