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Tech companies urge Supreme Court to protect cell phone privacy
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Health Science Environment
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Meet the 'vegan mafia,' a secret group of investors betting on the future of food
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Feeling depressed? Hot yoga could help
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Hyperloop technology will revolutionize transportation, but it has to get off the ground first
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Sparkling springs aid quest for underground heat
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Vancouver Port asks ships to slow down for orca research
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Elon Musk says he just got 'verbal government approval' to build a Hyperloop between New York and DC
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A uranium-based compound improves manufacturing of nitrogen products
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High-speed Hyperloop project ready for key test in Nevada
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Beam me up, Scotty! Scientists teleport photons 300 miles into space
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Who needs hard drives? Scientists store film clip in DNA
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Enigma: Why the fight to break Nazi encryption still matters
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Cellphone dead? This phone makes battery-free calls
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Painful memories could be erased, new study says
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Quantum Physics: Are Entangled Particles Connected Via An Undetected Dimension?
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Model for viable time machine developed
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Tourism chairman: Reef needs recovery programs
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Surgeon planning first human head transplant gives rat a second head
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Why need critical analysis
by Trev

The future is not looking very promising.  Since 9/11 a poll of New Yorkers showed they were more pessimistic about the future.  They were concerned whether will face another disastrous attack.  I am pessimistic for another reason especially since the last presidential election and the elections in the UK and Canada.

A united world is, in no way, in our future any time soon.  We are living in a constant state of looking over our shoulders all the time; our government is violating privacy and personal rights every day in the name of fighting terrorism which becoming a tired excuse.

We are seeing this played out on daily basis in the U.S. and elsewhere.   Since the recent attacks, those in the UK will be experiencing more violations to their lives.   This is why government and law enforcement should not be left to make these decisions unilateral and unchecked.  Prosecutors have to provide evidence that is open to review by the defense.

Those who scoff at what defense lawyers do should be thankful they are around.  Also thankful there are individuals, like I, who are not afraid to take on the misconduct of government or anyone else who is abusing their authority.

We need more people to critically analyze decisions of government.  No more casual talk over coffee with friends or on chatty talk shows.  We can’t count on reporters who are no longer capable of investigating; when try to they are shut down by their corporate bosses.

We are on the verge of losing what is left of our free society to be controlled by power hungry despots.

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** Editor's note: The views expressed are solely that of the author of the article. What do you think ? Post your comments on the forum



Accommodating for priorities
by Trev

Are there anyone sleeping or getting enough sleep?  We are becoming a 24/7 society.

Why don’t we have more exhausted people?  Are we getting enough sleep?  Heeding doctor, nutritionist, mom's advice, or we are making coffee houses very profitable.

After long periods of consciousness, we need to allocate time for the brain to rest.  An important question to consider:  How much time is necessary in order to get adequate rest?

Personally, I take 1 or 2 power naps during day, and sleep for few hours during the night.   The naps help me to be more productive and refreshed during the day, and when crash for few hours at night I will enter what is called REM sleep.  REM sleep is the level need to reach so can dream.  Dreaming is how the brain can rest and recharged.

There is no one who has enough time; how do we manage the tasks responsible for completing on a daily basis.  I have been seeing more people hunched over their computers in starbucks and other coffee houses.  Some coffee houses are open 24 hours.  I have been wondering whether any of them get anything done while working into the wee hours of the night especially if cramming for exams.  We still need a break in order to avoid exhaustion.

Everyone is different when comes to knowing how much time is needed for a break.  Some people will take several breaks or naps during the day, but end up leaving them feeling more exhausted and less productive.  A better way so can accommodate your tasks and priorities would be to take a few hours to crash during the night so the brain can rest.  You will be far more productive.

To read previous articles, commentaries, reports, and prayers go to the library on the spiritual peace library page.

** Editor's note: The views expressed are solely that of the author of the article. What do you think ? Post your comments on the forum



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